TPN Vertical Distribution Board has provision for (MCB / Isolator / RCD) incomer and single phase outgoing. Separate neutral links can also be provided for per phase isolation. These Distribution Boards come with earthing link, tinned electrolytic copper busbar and wire sets for cable management. Top and bottom, removable gland plates with knockouts. Mounting of these boards can be flush or surface.

Technical Specification
No of ways 12,18,24,30 & 36 ways
Type of installation Flush / Surface
Colour / Finish RAL 7035 semi glossy
Door Options Flat Version
Door Locking option Comforts quarter turn lock
Removable Gland Plates Top & Bottom
Protection level of distribution boards Advanced
Distribution Technique Insulated fish-bone busbar
Busbar Rating 125 A
Busbar Short Time Withstand 10 kA for 0.5 sec
Busbar conditional short circuit 25 kA
Incoming Max 125 A
Outgoing Max individual 63 A
Voltage Rating 240-415V AC , 3 phase / 4 Wire
Incoming options MCB 125A (3P or 3P + N)
Residual Current Protective Devices options RCBO as outgoing
Neutral Bar terminal capacity 25
Earthing Bar Terminal Capacity 25
Index of Protection (IP) IP 2X / IP 4X
Insulation Voltage 690V AC
Frequency 50 Hz
Ambient Temperature -5° C to 40° C
Distribution Board – Reference standard IS 8623 ; IS 13032 ; IEC 60439-3
Protective Devices – Reference standard IS/IEC 60947-2 ; IS/IEC 60898 ; IS/IEC 60947-3
Residual Current Protective Devices – Reference standard IS 12640: Part 1 & 2 ; IEC 61008 ; IEC 61009
Index of Protection – Reference standard IS / IEC 60529